How To Make Money With Pinterest Today

What we will be discussing in this post:

  1. How to Get your Pinterest profile embedded with Affiliate Links
  2. How I got Started
  3. What is a Viral Pin?
  4. My favorite Affiliate Program ( The one that I got started with and currently still using)
  5. What steps to Take after the steps in this Post
  6. How to subscribe to get an in depth guide to making passive income (for subscribers only) This is the system that got me started and helped me quit my management position at a restaurant. You can do the same and I can help you!

When I first learned about making money with Pinterest without a business or a blog, I thought it was just another scheme. A way for the blogger to get my email and grow their email list. I am always nervous about things like that because in the search for a way to create a passive income online from home, I have been taken advantage of on more then one occasion. I have either given them money for a guide to riches or an online course that is supposed to be for beginners and wasn’t, or got an eBook that was absolutely no help at all. Well, against everything in me, telling me it was a scam, I decided to go ahead and read the entire post.

I know how difficult it can be to find valuable information and an actual guide for beginners. I have wasted money and time on things that are labeled for beginners, and it was just to hard to follow. Well, that is exactly why I decided to write this post. You need help, as did I at one point, to make money from home, and a simple, efficient way to do it. I will get you started with this post so make sure to read the whole thing. Each step is crucial for your success in Making money with Pinterest.

Can you really make money with a Pinterest account and NO blog? Yes, you most certainly can, and I am going to teach you exactly how to do it!

First Step to Success is having a Pinterest account. Now, you may already have one or you may not. If you already have an account then that’s great, if not go ahead and hop over here to create one and come back to finish the next steps. Okay, everyone has an account and we are ready to move forward.

Pinterest is basically a search engine as compared to, let’s say Google. Now, when you search something on Google, you are given the most relevant websites and articles based on what you typed into the search bar. Pinterest is very similar. I actually use Pinterest more these days to search for ideas and recipes and so many other things. I prefer Pinterest because the search results are visual! Everyone prefers a visual image as opposed to a boring text link. This is what makes Pinterest such a valuable component to small businesses and people like us. It’s a visual experience and it’s gaining popularity each and every day. Millions of users are registering and using Pinterest now, and this rate is only climbing. And now is the perfect time to cash in on this growing industry.

I have a separate post about how to create the perfect Pinterest profile. If you need to read that first to get your Profile where it needs to be, I will wait right here for you. Check it out and come back to follow these next steps. You can always go ahead and get started with the affiliate links, and then begin to work on your profile. Either way is certainly okay.

Okay, are you ready? So, Like I said earlier, I came across this post and saw that there was a way to make money using your Pinterest account and had to read more. I started playing around with the ideas I was given that day and created my own method from what I learned. This has been months in the making so that I could test every option and see what actually works and what doesn’t. The good news for you is that you don’t have to do that if you simply follow my steps. I will be going through them step by step, so take notes. Now is a good time to go ahead and enter your email address, so that you never miss an important detail. I update my subscribers often with new techniques and ideas as I figure them out. So, we can grow our businesses together.

You will begin this journey by creating a few affiliate accounts. An affiliate account is an account that you create with a company or business, in order to promote their products. When you find a company or a product that you want to promote, you will be given special links to share. Every time someone clicks on your link to make the purchase, you will be paid by the advertiser for sending them traffic. Some affiliate companies pay per click even if the sale wasn’t made, others only pay if the click converted to a sale.

If you can find an affiliate program that pays per click, that’s great and it’s going to be your best option when you are first starting out with Pinterest affiliate links. In the beginning, ,you won’t always get that sale. It will take some time to figure out what your followers like and what they are actually looking to spend money on. I will share my favorite Affiliate program in this post so keep reading. I started out with this affiliate program and I am currently still using them!

You don’t need a ton of followers to make this work. I started out with less then 90 followers and got my first sale at only 91 followers. All it takes is for one pin to go viral and it has the potential to create a passive income stream for months and even years to come.

You may be asking (if you are new to this) What is a viral pin? A viral pin is one that gets shared over and over again and begins to circle Pinterest like a wildfire. There is a system to making your pins go viral and I have a ton of posts to get you on your way to making your first viral pin. Check out my others posts for more info on this subject or subscribe and get all of my secrets sent straight to your inbox.

First, I want you to create a work space. I found that getting my business with Pinterest started was a lot easier after I created a space to actually work. At the time, I didn’t have a home office and would try to work on this sitting on the couch or my bed. My back got sore and I couldn’t dedicate as much time to it as I wanted. So, create a comfortable work space. It doesn’t have be an office or a desk, just a chair and a table at the right level will suffice. You can get a lot more work done if you are comfortable. I want you to get serious. You are going to make this a business that pays your bills. This will be what you have been waiting for and eventually be able to replace your job. So, don’t treat this as just a hobby. If you get serious about this now and dedicate yourself to following my steps, you will be on your way to a passive income.

Second, get started today. Don’t wait. Just imagine, when you are finally having success with this, you will be so glad you started when you did. I don’t want you to look back on this and regret not starting this right away after you see the income potential you could have been making all along. I was so skeptical of this that I didn’t take it seriously right away and I really missed out on a lot of income and a lot of time wasted still working my boring management job. Subscribe to my emails so that I can help keep you motivated and on track! I am always available to my subscribers and will answer any questions you may have along the way. We are in this together and I truly mean that.

Okay I’m officially rambling and I’m sure you are ready to get to the good stuff.

Before getting started with this, make sure you read my post on creating the Perfect Pinterest Profile. You can always do that step afterward too. You can get started with this affiliate technique at any time but eventually you will want to spend some time on your Profile to attract more followers down the line.

I want you to go and sign up with an affiliate program called ShopStyle. This is an affiliate program accepts nearly everyone and they have products to promote from every area of interest. After you sign up, you will be able to share products that fit the theme of your boards and Pinterest profile.

There are some basics of using Shopstyle that you need to know. I made a ton of mistakes in the beginning with ShopStyle that I do not want to happen to you. A couple of these mistakes actually cost me some much needed income at the time. So, after you sign up for your account you will be able to view and share products using their platform. While logged in, you can search their wide range of products and find just about anything and everything. When you scroll over a product picture it will give you the option to open it for more details. Here is where you will find the options to share, including a Pinterest option. You select the Pinterest icon and the “create a pin” and “add it to a board” will pop up. Now, this is where I made my biggest mistake because I wasn’t paying attention. If you are on the mobile version of Shopstyle, which a lot of us are ( I use my phone for everything) it will NOT automatically input your affiliate link. It simply shares the images URL in the website description box instead of your actual affiliate link.

This was a huge mistake I made. A couple of my pins went viral and I got insanely excited. Only to be really, really, let down. I wasn’t getting any clicks and wasn’t being paid from ShopStyle. How could this be? Surely someone clicked on that pin! It was shared over 1000 times! Well, I’m sure they were clicking it, only nothing was happening because there was no link to follow! Devastation 101!

I am sharing this with you, because as much as I love to share my successes, I feel that I also need to share my failures. I do not want this to happen to you and I’m thankful that I was able to figure this out to pass along. My mistakes are simply a learning experience and I am thankful to have learned from this mistake so that you don’t have the same happen to you!

So, what can you do if you are using mobile (I also do this when I am not using mobile, just to be sure that mistake doesn’t happen again). Being extra careful is never a bad thing when it comes to this.

Create a Secret board. A secret board is a board that only you can see. You can store anything there that you don’t want others to see. I created a secret board and named it Shopstyle affiliate Products. So, when I find a product that I want to promote, I open it on the ShopStyle site as normal. I hit the the option to copy the link. This will be your affiliate link. When you choose copy, it will automatically copy your affiliate link to your clipboard. Now you can proceed to share the image as a pin, but instead of saving it directly to the board you want to save it to, save it to your secret board. I know this seems like a ton of work but once you get in the habit of following these steps, it’s really very simple. After you have pinned your item to your secret board, you will access your Pinterest account, and go into your secret board. Find the pin that you just added and click to edit by selecting the pencil icon. Scroll down and delete the image url and paste your affiliate link for that product. Save it. Then begin sharing it to the board that you had originally intended it for! You’re done, and you have insured that this product is now linked to your account.

Have you ever heard of SEO? Well I had no idea what that was or what it meant when I started this process. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. And what it means is this: are you labeling everything you share adequate enough for it to show up in someone’s search? It’s meaning can go a lot deeper then what I just said, and it can get complicated when dealing with other things like Google. Keep in mind that I am only referring to Pinterest.

So, what exactly am I talking about here. I don’t know. Just kidding… I do know and I’m going to tell you. When you share your images to Pinterest from ShopStyle, it will have a predetermined description in the description box. Usually it’s a description of the product or the product name, this differs with the use of the mobile version and the desktop version of the site. Either way, you need to fix it. You are more then welcome to leave the product name or a bit of the description, but you are going to want to add some more details. This is where the use of keywords come in to play.

Keywords are words that people are searching for often when trying to find something on Pinterest. For instance, if I want to find a new coat rack for my entryway, I would search for “coat rack” or “coat hanger for entryway”. This can differ per person, but be sure to include keywords that you think you would use to search for that particular item. Typically, if it’s a search term you would use yourself, then others are using the same term. Pinterest uses it’s own algorithm to show pins to it’s users. It bases what each user sees by a few different things. It uses your interests and it finds what that is by the people you follow, and what terms you are searching for, as well as what type of pins you are adding to your own boards. By adding keywords, it helps Pinterest decide when it’s going to show your pins and when it’s relevant. By showing your pins to people that are searching for those keywords, your re-pins increases. They were looking for your item to begin with so when they find it, they will save it or buy it directly.

A few tips before I go:

  1. Don’t only Pin affiliate pins. You should pin other popular content that is relevant to your boards more then your own affiliate pins. I pin 5 affiliate pins to every 25 pins that belong to others. This is of course up to you, but this ratio works best for me and I have had the most luck with it.
  2. Stay active and consistent. By pinning daily, you will begin to gain followers and your momentum on Pinterest will increase. This is very important. You want to consistently gain momentum. Pinterest likes active uses and tend to show their pins more then a user that only visits every now and then.
  3. Be sure to include #AD, #afflink, #affiliatelink, in EVERY single description of the pins that contain an affiliate link. There are strict guidelines to follow and you don’t want to get your account suspended or terminated.
  4. Turn your Pinterest habit into an income. Keep in touch and provide your email so we can grow our new business together. As I learn, you will too, as I share it all with my followers. It’s constantly changing and staying in touch with me is the best way to keep up! Happy Pinning and remember, YOU CAN DO THIS! Please comment below with any questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by!


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