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How I Learned to Create Substantial Income using Pinterest

Make Money With Pinterest!

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Learn how to create a full time income with your existing Pinterest habit and simple affiliate links. Start leveraging your Pinterest account and make an income from home. This is the perfect opportunity for stay at home mom's and the like to make an income from home. Start your new business today and begin working from home.

Here is the Gist of this Post
  1. Can you really make an income with Pinterest (without a blog)?
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  3. How to find an Affiliate Program and Which One I Use (plus a basic rundown of the ins and outs of it)
  4. Resources I use To Generate my Income
  5. Downloadable Guide to A Better Pinterest Profile

Is it really so? Can you actually make an income using Pinterest? The answer to that question is most definitely! Ready for my favorite part? It won’t cost you a single penny to get started. I know, you have heard it all now. If you are anything like me, you have run across every possible tactic claiming to actually make money from home.

If it’s on the internet telling you to do this and that and you can make money then I have seen it and more then likely, I have tried it. This whole Pinterest Marketing strategy is unlike anything I have seem and the major difference between this and everything else, is that it actually works.

Now don’t get me wrong, it takes some work and you won’t get rich overnight. Have you ever heard that saying, “you get out, what you put in”? Well, this saying applies here. You will get so much out of this if you follow the steps properly and put the work in. When you see that first trickle of real money seeping into your account, it is all the motivation you need to keep going, Sometimes that’s all you need, is that proof that it’s real and that you are not wasting your time. No one likes wasting time on something that just isn’t working.

So what is it that I do to make an Income on Pinterest? Well, I create my own graphics, add an affiliate link for a product, and I share it among thousands of people on Pinterest. Now, I DO NOT use my blog, in any way, shape or form, to earn this income. If I did not have a blog right now, it would not effect the amount of income I make with my Pinterest account. So, keep that in mind as we go forward. As you read along, it will all make sense to you, promise.

I saw this system working for me within 24 hours! How awesome is that? So, today I am going to talk about the steps you need to take in order to get your Pinterest Profile working for you! Today you will learn about affiliate marketing and Pinterest. Don’t shy away from affiliate marketing. Is sounds way scarier then it actually is. 

What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting products for other companies.There are a ton of different ways to do this. Some people own blogs and promote by doing reviews and special posts. Others use their links on Facebook and in groups. You can even send out email marketing campaigns to promote your affiliate links, but today, we are keeping it super simple with Pinterest.

Companies need advertising to sell their products, and a lot of times, they use their affiliates to do the work for them. It can be a lot cheaper for them then running a huge expensive advertising campaign. As an affiliate, you are given special links, with your unique I.D. located within the link. When you share that link and people either sign up, or purchase the product, you get paid a commission. Some affiliate networks pay only when you sell a product, others pay for a simple sign up, or lead, or it can be a combination of both.

Simple chart that shows the process of an affiliate sharing network. The company provides the affiliate links to its affiliates. The affiliates then share those links and create a profit for both the conpany and for themselves. Sharing affiliate links can be a great income generator for the stay at home mom or for anyone that wants to create an income from home. Generate a passive income with affiliate links and your Pinterest Profile.


Affiliate marketing seems to have gotten a bad wrap over the years. People perceive affiliates as being pushy and spammy so people tend to be weary of starting any sort of affiliate business. This certainly isn’t the case with Pinterest and something you never have to worry about if you do it right. Think about why you visit Pinterest. I personally visit for inspiration, on many subjects. I have made multiple purchases on Pinterest because a visual really attracted me and I just had to have it! People making purchases on Pinterest is steadily increasing. Pinterest is a powerful visual experience and let’s face it, everything is better with pictures.

“Pinterest captures shoppers in many mindsets, which is why we’ve seen some impressive shopping stats, according to Millward Brown: 93% of Pinners have used Pinterest to plan for or make purchases and 52% have seen something on Pinterest and made a purchase online.”

The above quote is pulled directly from a blog post written by Pinterest. Pinterest now boasts more then 100 million active users.That’s an impressive stat considering the amount of users they now have. Now is the time to get on the Pinterest band wagon. Now that you have a little hindsight into what affiliate marketing is, let’s move on to actually creating your own affiliate business with Pinterest. Oh yeah, the fun stuff!

Let’s Start With Your Pinterest Profile (Don’t worry, we Will get to the Good Stuff too)

Just some basics I want to cover before we get you going with affiliate links 🙂

So, my first question is, do you have a Pinterest account? If not, then go ahead and create one here. I want to start by saying that it absolutely does not matter how many followers you have to start this. I currently only have 140 followers on my new account! That’s it! You don’t need a thousand followers to be successful. I wanted to get that out of the way first because that is one of the most common questions I get.

I want you to think about your interests and your passions. What boards do you post to the most? Do those pins get shared by other users and do your followers seem interested in what you are sharing? Keep this in mind as we go forward.

The first thing you need to do with your Pinterest account is switch it to a business account. Why? Well, there are a few reasons. Keep in mind that this is a free service offered by Pinterest and it does not effect your Pinterest browsing experience in any way shape or form. It simply gives you some additional insight into your account. When you are logged in to your account, under your main profile settings, you will see an option to switch to a business account.

What Does A Business Account Tell You and Why is It Important?

Switching your profile to a business account can help you determine a few things. First, it can provide some insight into which of your boards are performing the best. It can tell you how many people are seeing your pins and what subjects are the most popular among your followers.

All of these things will be helpful when you move onto the next steps. Pinning content that is engaging and being shared is what we want! Pinterest’s statistics can show you exactly what you need to see. Alright, ready for some actionable steps?

Let’s really get the ball rolling here and get this business of yours up and running. After you have switched to a business account, it will take Pinterest a few days to gather the analytics for your account so we can’t do to much else with this at the moment so we will move on! If you want a more detailed description and an overview about how to use the analytics dashboard on Pinterest, input your email below and I will send you my detailed breakdown and explanation. So, moving on.

Sharing affiliate links on Pinterest can create a passive income. As you share your affiliate links and they in turn get shared by others, you generate a profit and make a passive income from home, simply using your Pinterest Profile and Affiliate links.

Board Covers

Have you scrolled though anyone’s Pinterest profile lately and noticed that all of their boards are labeled with a custom cover photo and title? It’s a pretty big thing right now and I must say, I jumped on that wagon too! I love the way it looks and obviously others do too. After designing my own board covers, I gained followers a lot faster then before. I have a really helpful post here, if you want to learn how I made my board covers and why they are super duper important.

Pinterest is a visual experience. Pinterest users expect a visual experience when they visit. When I see profiles that are neat and tidy, it draws me in and I want to see more. That is what we are going for when we create board covers. Neat and tidy is never a bad thing in my experiences.

Let’s talk a bit about Pinterest and how it all works. Back in the day, Pinterest used to show pins based on when they were uploaded. Newest pins first, plain and simple. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. They have what they call the “smart feed” and it shows it’s users’ pins based on their browsing history. I have a whole post about it, and how to make it work for you instead of against you here.

What Affiliate Network or Program do I use?

There are so many affiliate networks and programs out there that it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially when you don’t know the first thing about them. Well I have a couple that I adore and want to share one with you here today, but as you venture out on your own with this, you will find others that you can try. My suggestion though, is to start with this one today and learn the basics, and then experiment with some of the others.

If you want to refer back to this page later go ahead and bookmark it now. It won’t get lost while you are getting signed up for your account 🙂 Bookmarks are a huge lifesaver, aren’t they?

The first Affiliate Network that I ever signed up for is an affiliate network/program that pays you for clicks. Meaning, every time someone clicks the pin I share, I get paid. This is the perfect place to start if you are a beginner to affiliate networks. It’s user interface is simple and easy to understand and they make sharing your links to Pinterest super duper easy. As of now, this is the affiliate program that I use the most. It converts the best for me and like I said, sharing is a breeze.

It is called ShopStyle Collective and you can go ahead and sign up for it right here!  I will also leave a link at the bottom if you would rather continue reading (which I hope you do) and sign up at the end of the post.

ShopStyle Collective Logo

A Few Things To Know About ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle Collective partners with a ton of different retailers so you can find items in nearly every genre. They are widely known for their products in fashion and home decor but have everything from books and journals, to coffee cups and scarves. I have never had a search come up empty.

One of my favorite features about this site, is their “LinkIt” tool. It is a tool that you download to your toolbar on your browser (I currently use Chrome and it works great). So, say I am browsing Etsy (we all know and love Etsy, right?) and come across something that I love and want to share with my followers, well, with the LinkIt tool, you can! It creates an affiliate link for you for that product and you can now share it as a pin. Cool, right?

Another great feature of ShopStyle, is that you can create “Looks”. Have you seen the pins on Pinterest that showcase an outfit and it is labeled with the title, “Get This Look”, or “Shop This Look”? I know that I personally have a ton of those pins on my Style Board.

Well, a ton of those were created using the ShopStyle Collective Platform. So, if you are really into fashion and have an eye for designing outfits, you can create your own looks and share them to Pinterest. Every time someone clicks or saves your pin, you make a commission. See where I’m going with this? Yes! Turn your habit into a lucrative income.

Below I am going to share a screenshot that I took of my ShopStyle Collective dashboard. It will give you a sense of what to expect and you can get an idea of how simple this site is. I want you to walk away from this post, being able to create your own affiliate pins today! Woohoo! And remember, I will share all of these links below, after the post, so you can read the whole darn thing, deal? Kay. Moving on 🙂

ShopStyle Collective dashboard screenshot. This is an example of what you can expect when you share affiliate links on Pinterest using the ShopStyle Collective network. Sharing affiliate links can be a very lucrative business and a full time income when done properly. Perfect for stay at home moms and the like to create an income from home.

Okay, so what do we have here? This is a screen shot of my affiliate dashboard. Sorry about the quality of the photo, this is literally a screenshot directly from my phone. My almost dead phone.

The dark blue solid line is clicks. Every single time someone clicked on one of my pins, I got paid. In this screenshot, it is a bit crazy and all over the place and I will explain why. This is when I first got started with this. I was a bit scattered with it and not consistent at all. I would share a few pins here and there and then not do anything with it for a week or two.

The light blue dotted line is a sale. In this screenshot, the sales that I made are actually the same product. So, what does that tell me? My audience really likes those sorts of products. Based on that information, I will share more affiliate pins pertaining to that particular product.

Some advice to take away from this, is to pay attention to what your audience is reacting to. What types of products are they saving, sharing, clicking, buying? They will tell you where to go and what you need to be sharing.

Let’s talk about the Resources I Use

First and foremost, this is the Number one essential for staying consistent with pinning! Who wants to spend all day pinning pins to Pinterest, every day! No one. So, when I found Tailwind, I was blown away! What is Tailwind? Well, it is an automated pin time machine. Kidding. Well kind of. I sit down (I do it every Sunday) for an hour, and schedule all of my pins out for the entire week, sometimes 2 full weeks in advance. Oh my gosh I love it! The best part is that you can try it out for free! When you head over there now, using my link, you get $15 to try it right now. Go ahead and try it out, you won’t regret it. And who doesn’t like free?

Like the idea of using an automated system to schedule your pins? This is another awesome resource that I use called BoardBooster. It basically does the same things as Tailwind but they have what is called a looping feature.

This feature takes all of your old pins and loops them, keeping them fresh and constantly being shared. It is a great feature and I love that it keeps all of my older affiliate pins circulating. Instead of going to the graveyard to die, they get shared out and stay fresh. You can go ahead and try it too, for FREE! Check it out here. some tell me they like BoardBooster better then Tailwind so try them both and let me know in the comments which one you prefer.

As Promised: Here is the link to ShopStyle Collective, my favorite Affiliate Platform!

Do you feel like you can walk away from this post and create an affiliate pin? I know, you want to know more! Well, the good news is that are ton of resources available to learn more about this and get all of the details. Check out some of my resources below for learning more about Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing and the tools I used/use to grow my business to a full time income using Pinterest and Affiliate links.

One of my favorite resources about Pinterest and affiliate links is an awesome free course designed by a fellow blogger named Christina Root. She has also created a full time income using Pinterest and shares all of her secrets in her course Pinterest 101. Her blog at OrganizeYourBiz has a ton of valuable information including some awesome free tutorials! Links below!

PINTEREST 101-This is an amazing free course that give you all the details you need to really get started with this biz! And did I mention that Christina is Awesome!?

This is the blog post that got me started and why I decided to “go for it”! Check it out and make sure that you take advantage of the free courses offered on Christina’s blog. She has amazing information! Trust me when I tell you that she really knows what she is doing! Check it out HERE!

Alright guys, remember to check out all of these amazing resources, and let me know in the comments which ones you liked! Have a question? Would you like to learn more about a specific subject that I didn’t cover well enough in this post? Let me know in the comments. And remember, sharing is caring. Until next time. Oh, and good luck with your new pinning adventure, let me know if I can help.

Create the perfect Profile for your Pinterest account and leverage it with affiliate marketing. Gain more followes by creating custom board covers and posting on a regular basis. Staying consistant is a key component to making an income with Pinterest. Follow these steps to create an income from home. Perfect for stay at home mom's that want to make an income online from home.
Get your Guide to the perfect Profile When you sign up below!

Make Money With Pinterest!

Img 20180118 231716

Get your guide to Pinterest Perfection right now. Limited Time Only! This guide will be taken down in 24 hours, so grab it while you can. Bonuses included! Make Money with your Pinterest Account. Stop pinning for free. Turn your habit into an income!

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  1. Couple of questions:
    1. Can you still sign up if you don’t have a blog using your pinterest “website”?
    2. Can you use a blog website that isn’t hosted? (e.g.,
    I’ve gone to a a few of these affiliate sites and they all want to know your website. I have one that’s not currently hosted so I’m just not sure if I can use that or not.

    1. Hi Elisabeth!
      Thank you so much for commenting.
      Yes, you can still sign up without a website. My blog is not affiliated with my ShopStyle account at all. I simply used my Pinterest Profile. You certainly do not need to have a website to use that affiliate network. Second, you are more then welcome to use a website that is not hosted in that section, but keep in mind that you can’t share your affiliate links on that site. Because you do not own the domain, affiliate links are not typically allowed. Thanks again for the comment and I hope this answered your questions.

      1. Thanks so much, that was very helpful! I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly before signing up. That’s also good to know about not being able to share the links on a site that’s not hosted. I’ll stick with my pinterest profile. 🙂

        1. Elizabeth, I’m so glad you found that info helpful. I don’t blame you one tiny bit for taking the time to do it correctly. I wish you much success with this. Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

    1. Hi Celeste, I do plan on sharing income reports in the very near future. I am in the process of creating one. It has been much requested and I am all about being as open as possible with my readers! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    1. Hi Samantha! Thank you so much for stopping by. I do plan on sharing income reports in the near future. I am in the process of getting another post together as this has been much requested by my readers. I hope you’ll return to see them!

    1. Hi! When you are logged into your personal Pinterest account, simply copy the url. This will be your Pinterest address. You can use this as your website on ShopStyle. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.

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