How To Actually Make Money With Survey Sites

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Today, we are going to talk about how you can actually make money with the dreaded survey sites, and not spend all day taking surveys!
I have figured out a system to actually pay some bills, buy Christmas presents for the kids, and not spend hours trying to take surveys that I don’t qualify for. That, to me, is the most annoying part of taking a survey.
You spend 20 minutes answering questions and then it tells you that you don’t qualify! Say what? The anger that surges through my bones when that happens, is enough to leave me running and leave these survey sites behind for good. Well, if you have been in that boat, and I am sure you have, if you have ever attempted to make money with these survey sites, you are in the right place. I have figured out a way to maximize your earnings, and actually make it worth you time!

So, the topic of the day, Survey Sites and how to actually make money using them. I will share my exact system that creates enough income to pay my phone bill, buy Christmas presents, birthday presents, movie rentals, and supplement my bank account occasionally.

Now, before we get started, I must tell you that is NOT a get rich quick scheme and will take some time and effort, but just a little each day. I have figured out a way, with only a couple of my favorite sites, to pay for Christmas each year for my kids.

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I use the money I earn to pay for Christmas and birthdays too, depending on how much time I actually feel like spending on these sites. I have been able to provide a Free Christmas for my three kids for the past 4 years using this method, and I will share that method below, so let’s get to the good stuff.

First of all, I need to urge you not to go and sign up for one thousand different sites. I mean, you can if you wanted too, but you begin to lose focus doing it that way. When you are a member of a million different sites, you can’t actually focus on earning potential. You may earn a few points on each one, but it will never amount to anything.

By putting your focus into three main sites that you love, you will actually be able to focus and accumulate points, getting each account to the cash out option.

I have seen a ton of different blog posts and articles telling their readers, that the more you sign up for, the better. I don’t understand that method, and it’s very misleading. The authors of these posts, have probably never even used any of the sites they are referring and get paid a commission when you sign up. Think about it this way, do you accomplish more if you have three tasks laid out ahead of you, or when you have a list a mile long?

When I have a huge list of things to do, I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. When I do get started, I don’t finish it, because there are a million others things to do. So at the end of the day, you have a bunch of partially completed tasks, that don’t amount to anything! When I have three main tasks, I basically flip a coin to see which task I will complete first, and then move onto the next. These survey sites are basically the same way. Focus on just a couple and it will actually amount to something. I have a list of the ones I use and ways to sign up throughout this blog post.

The first site that I use is called MyPoints: MyPoints is a huge survey site that pays you for doing many things, such as taking surveys, completing easy tasks, watching videos, and shopping. They have a ton of different ways to earn. You can clip coupons and earn too. I am a huge couponer and love this. They always have a ton of great coupons to offer and use coupons.com for their service. If you already use coupons, this is a great way to make a little extra cash for doing something you already do. Another great way to earn with them is shopping.

Any time that I need to buy something online, I head to MyPoints to see if they are are offering any points for shopping with that retailer. They always have offers for Amazon and I shop with them on the regular. Maybe a little to much! They can offer huge cashback on shopping so you should always check them out first. You search through their shopping portal and it connects you directly to the website you plan to do your shopping with and then they pay you when you make a purchase. I have never had an issue with receiving my points from them, and that’s a huge plus.

I will get more detailed with my exact method of making enough with these survey sites to provide an awesome Christmas for my 3 kids shortly. I just want to give you a brief of the sites I use and why I use them first. Okay, on to the next one.

So, the next site that I use is SwagBucks. They are another huge survey site with millions of users. I love their site because of the diversity of tasks that you can complete. You can do everything from watch videos, take surveys, and clip coupons to earn. I take advantage of the coupons on SwagBucks too! They also have points back for shopping. MyPoints tends to have the higher payout but not always so I check between the two before I do my shopping. Sometimes one is better then the other and they offer points for shopping for a ton of the same retailers. What I love the most about SwagBucks is the video section. You can watch videos and earn points for it. I have a couple of tips about this coming up so stay tuned.


On to the third and final site that I absolutely adore. Yep, you guessed it, this is my favorite. InstaGC is amazing. I earn the most using this site and I attribute that to the amount of ways you can earn with them. They have every type of task available. They send you email offers, you can earn points for simply entering your email address on sites, you can watch videos, take surveys, sign up for trials, you name it, you can do it here and get paid for it. I love this site and they have a huge selection of payment options.

Ready for my favorite part?

You can cash out at just $1! They offer PayPal, direct deposit, Amazon gift cards, and a ton of other gift cards, including Virtual Visa. Not only is your payment threshold so low but you get it instantly. Yep. Instantly! No waiting for an email a week later, and wondering if your payment got lost or sent to the spam folder. No worries, because it is there the moment you request it. I simply adore this feature!

Now that you have the three sites that I use and a brief of why I love them, I am going to walk your through my step by step guide to making enough to pay for Christmas. Now, depending on when you start this, you can have a free Christmas too. The first year that I started this, I didn’t start until October and still made enough to pay for Christmas, but man did I hustle! I now do it all year long and pay for birthdays too!

Step 1: Go create an account with all three. You may already have an account. If you do, that’s great. If not, Here are the links to each one so you can go ahead and get an account up and running.

Join Swagbucks.com and earn 1,000s of free prizes, for doing the things you do every day. Register Today!

Earn Gift Cards for Your Online Activity from MyPoints.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started with the tactic I use.

First, like I mentioned earlier, go to MyPoints and Swagbucks any time you need to do any shopping online. More then likely one or the other will have a deal, if it’s a well known retailer. You can really earn some great cash back this way. If you aren’t a big shopper online, that’s okay, you can still do great on these sites. That’s just a little added bonus.

Each Day I Start with these steps:

Swagbucks: When I take a shower, or cook dinner, or something that will be occupying my time, I go to the video feature on Swagbucks. I turn the setting on my phone to “Do Not Sleep” so that my screen will not close, even when unattended. Always have it plugged into a power supply because this can really drain the battery. I get the videos going and let them play! The points rack up and I am not paying it any mind. Each video will end, and another will automatically start.

It is basically a forget it and set kind of tactic and I earn points for doing so. In the evenings after the kids go to bed, I will scroll through the offers and do a few easy ones that just require an email address or a zip code. A few a day can really add up. If you’re not into taking surveys, that’s okay because there are so many other ways to earn. My routine does involve a couple of surveys but not a ton.

The second thing that I do with Swagbucks is print the daily coupons. You can earn one Swagbuck for each coupon that you print and then 10 Swagbucks for each one that you actually use.

They do use coupons.com for their coupon printing so you have to use a couple of different devices for each print. Coupons.com will let you print two copies of each from each device. This gives me 4 opportunities to earn. A little tip, if you don’t want or need the coupons, you can just print (save) as a PDF and this is still taken as a print! I use the same coupon printing service for MyPoints as well. Therefore, the reason I need two devices to earn from each site.

Another great feature from Swagbucks is their mobile app. This app let’s you earn on the go. Most of us use our phones more then we actually use our computers, so this is a must. I prefer to use my phone for earning when I’m waiting in lines, at an appointment in the waiting area, or just lounging on the couch. It’s very convenient and makes earning even easier.

Swagbucks also has bonuses to earn. For example, your daily to do list. This gives you a list of tasks to complete (most very quick and easy) and when you choose and complete them, you earn bonus points each day. I try to complete this every day. Swago is another bonus system they use.

You basically get a board, like that of a Bingo board. When you complete tasks and fill the board in, you will earn bonuses. You are also given a daily goal, and when you complete this goal, you get bonus points too. As you can see, they offer a ton of ways to earn and earn bonus points.

Another feature that I love and take advantage of, is the card linking service they offer.

They give you the ability to link your credit/debit/bank cards to their site and earn every time you make a purchase at one of their thousands of retailers ( Don’t worry, it is completely safe to do, I have had all of my cards linked for over a year).

How to make money at home with survey sites

They don’t actually store any of your card information, ever. It simply links the transaction stats for their retailers. They never have access to your actual account or numbers.

It’s super safe to use and you can earn so so much cash back using this option. I would never steer you in a direction or into doing something like this, if I didn’t actually use it myself and love it fully. I got your back girl!

So, for my exact daily schedule for the tasks I complete with these sites, send me your email through any of the handy sign up forms on my site, and I will send you an editable, printable version of my exact schedule for earning.

You can edit the times to complete these tasks so that it fits your schedule. The schedule that created is the reason for my success with these sites. Following my exact daily schedule will guarantee your earnings! I am so excited to get you started.

Okay so moving on.

MyPoints: So for MyPoints, I basically do the same thing with their video feature. I will use this feature when my phone is charging or when I am working. It just plays in the background on silent, and the points rack up. I mentioned the shopping portion of this site earlier and use this any time I shop on Amazon. They always have featured deals for Amazon so I always check here first. Another way to earn with MyPoints is to play their games. Yes, you can get paid to play games, and watch videos, isn’t it great?

So, watching videos and printing coupons with MyPoints and Swagbucks daily earns me a total of around $10 a week. I average around $15/$20 a week with them by doing other random offers and occasionally shopping. If I really focus and spend about an hour each day going through offers and submitting my email, I can earn $25/$30 per week between the two. Now, this doesn’t seem like much, but if you do this daily and don’t cash out as soon as you hit the threshold, this really starts to add up.

Scroll through the offers and the ones that ask for an email are the easiest ones.

Now, a few tips to really maximize your earrnings.

Make sure that you clear your devices cache each day before you start. This is a huge deal. Many offers can be from the same company and will reject you if you have previously completed the offer. Clearing the memory and the browsing history can really help too.

I try to do this every single day before I start working with these sites.

Second, you don’t want your personal emails filled up with junk and offers. A ton of the tasks you complete will ask for an email address. So, what I did was create a few new email addresses just for my survey sites. Gmail and Yahoo both offer unlimited free email accounts. Go and create a few, at least three to four to use strictly for the purpose of these sites.

Go to the nearest office supply store or wherever you grab your office supplies and get a journal or a notebook just for the sake of keeping track of everything. Write your new email addresses down. Or you can skip this step and just download the free guide I provide you today!

Keep a log of what survey sites you signed up for and write down the user names and passwords to each so you don’t forget them. I also set goals for each site in my journal. I love to keep track of how well I’m doing! For example, for Swagbucks my weekly goal is 1000 swagbucks. I create a game plan of how I will obtain those points and I stick to it. Creating goals helps me stick with it and it feels great when I surpass my goals!

That’s the basics of the first two sites that I use. Now, to the site that really gets me excited, InstaGC. As you can tell, I really love this site. It’s so easy to earn and I love the low cash out option.

There has been times in the past that I will find something I want on Amazon and make that my goal for the week. I work really hard to meet that goal, and voila, a package at my doorstep! I have a ton of info to share about InstaGC and how to maximize your earrnings with this site. Don’t go anywhere because I saved the best for last!

Let’s get right into it!

First, let me describe the dasboard a bit. It differs slightly depening on the device you are using (desktop and mobile) but it’s generally laid out the same.

To the left on your dashboard, you will find all of your offer categories. Such as “Reccomended”, and “Sweepstakes”. To the right you will see the chat box, where people chat about offers and what is crediting quickly. You can get a ton of insights into great offers by paying attention to the chat area.

At the top of the page, is where you will find your personal information. It will show your point balance, offers completed, referrals, how much you have earned, and a couple of other details.

On the main center page, are all of the companies that have offers to complete. There are a ton. InstaGC has their own offers or you can select any one of the others to see what offers they have to complete. I will talk more about which ones are my favorite in a bit.

This is going to be a long blog post and I’m so sorry about that! I just have a ton of info to share and wanted to get it all out there with one post. It’s all great knowledge to have so keep going. You are on your way to a free Christmas!

Also, I have a special surprise at the end of this post for my subscribers so keep on trucking!

So, when I log in, the first thing that I do, is select the sweepstakes menu. They offer a free daily points sweeps, and a free daily bitcoin sweeps. They don’t cost you any points, so make sure you enter each day! I have won the daily sweeps quite a few times! I have yet to win the daily bitcoin, but it’s a new feature. My time is coming.

After I enter the sweeps I head to the InstaGC offer page. Here is where you will find a list of offers that InstaGC offers. Scroll down to LiveSample. There will be a LiveSample 1 and 2. I do both of these daily.

Yes, they are surveys, but I usually always qualify and they are fairly short. And the best part? The payout is nice. 170 points to be exact. Each point is worth 1 cent. So that’s almost 2 bucks for each one. If you do both daily, that’s $3.40 each and every day. In one week, that’s $23.80. And that’s only the beginning. I know that doesn’t seem like much but try to see the bigger picture here. I’m just getting started. In a months time, this is a huge deal, especially for the Holidays and birthdays.

After completing the LiveSample surveys I move on to checking out the “ticker”. So what exactly is the ticker? This is a live screen of the offers that other members are completing and getting credited for. You can find the best offers here!

The ticker is my favorite feature. I could sit and watch that all day (although I don’t have time for that). It tells you what the offer is, how much its worth and how many people have completed it. I typically select the offers that have a high number of completions because that is telling me that it’s an easy offer and that the credits are instant. I like instant.

So, when you see an offer that you want to complete, you simply select it directly from the ticker and it will take you to the offer on a new page or to the area you need to be to complete it. After you have completed it, you submit it and watch your points add up.

I love the free email submits. When you hit “recommended” it will take you to a list of providers for which you can complete offers. Select InstaGC once again and you will be able to sort the list. Select “email submits” and go through as many of these as you can.

Just make sure you read the instructions. Some convert on the first page as soon as you put in your email and some are the second or third page, or after you open the confirmation email. Just read the instructions so that you complete it properly to be credited. I have earned anywhere from 200-400 points daily doing simple email submits. The offers are limitless.

If you complete just a few offers each day, using the three sites above, you can pay for Christmas. I have paid for Christmas each year for the past 4 years using this method. If you want my exact schedule, make sure that you submit your email in the box below and above this post. You will get an instant printable version of my schedule, as well as pages packed full of tips! It is a one of a kind e-book and it’s completely free.

Okay so let’s go over just a couple of things before I go.

One, remember to clear your devices cache and browser history each day before you begin. This ensures that you can complete offers through the same company and not get disqualified because you completed it a week ago.

Also, go to a free email provider (gmail, yahoo, msn) and sign up for a few email accounts. These are the email accounts that you will want to use for the offers. The last thing you want is your main email inbox full of worthless offers.

Lastly, stay on it. Just a few tasks on each account daily really add up over time and that is your ultimate goal. You aren’t going to get rich doing this, but you can make some real spendable money.

Don’t forget to sign up with your email to get my awesome printable schedule and tips. And…. as an added bonus, I have included a couple of free pages to help you stay organized. These journal pages keep track of your login info, passwords, and email addresses.

They are a huge deal in staying organized with this process. Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and please remember to leave any questions or comments down below for me. I love hearing from my readers! Have a blessed day and hope to see you next time for some more awesome money making tips.

Get My exact schedule!

Get a downloadable, printable schedule to maximize your earnings, and keep track of your Survey sites. I have even included a few bonus pages loaded with tips and tricks to earn even more with my three favorite sites!

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