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Why Your New Blog Will Fail Without a Blog Schedule

Why your New Blog Will fail without a blog schedule and planner. Get a free downloadable, printable planner when you visit my blog.
The Ultimate Blog Schedule

Okay guys so as you may know, I am fairly new at blogging. Surprised? Just kidding. I have worked day and night to get this blog stuff down and I am still figuring things out. There are so many aspects to creating a blog that it really irritates me when I see these blog posts labeled “Start a blog in 15 minutes”. They are flat out lying to you.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy your hosting and and download WordPress in 15 but you aren’t going to be an official blogger in 15 minutes.

It’s just not possible. And without a game-plan or a schedule you won’t make it very far. It took me 2 weeks to get my blog set up and running and looking the way I wanted it to look, and I am still making changes to it.

It could have taken me a lot less time if I had actually created a schedule or a to-do list. There are so many aspects to starting a new blog. I was literally everywhere. I would start one thing and decide I wanted to learn more about something else and get lost in reading and studying that subject.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have a single thing to show for it.

It can be really exciting when you start a new blog. I know I was so excited and wanted to know how to do everything overnight.

Well, that is not going to happen.

And listen, I am not trying to scare you. Starting a blog can be so worth it, and fulfilling. I believe in full disclosure and as a complete beginner myself, not that very long ago, I just want to be real with you. So, believe me when I tell you that if I can do it, so can you.

I just want you to have the necessary tools in place to do it right (YES, I actually care about you and your success). So many new bloggers fail or simply give up because they don’t have the guidance they need.

And guess what? I don’t want you to fail. My main goal, is your success. Well, and my own success at some point but you get me, right? I am going to give you a little run down of my first couple of days blogging and why I accomplished absolutely nothing and what you can do to avoid that trap!


My First Week Blogging

Day one: I bought my domain name, and WordPress hosted site through GoDaddy (a huge mistake, and I will explain that further in another post because I have a lot to tell you ). I did this all in about 15 minutes (This is where the 15 minutes to a successful blog comes in to play) and voila, I was an instant hit!  Just Kidding.

Then I spent the rest of the night reading and studying about blogging and how to set up a blog. I stayed up half the night and really regretted it the next morning when I had to get up at 6 AM to get my kids ready for school and myself ready for work.

Day 2: Tired and having already worked all day at my other job (I say “other job” because blogging can be a full time job) I decided to write my first post. I got my first post written. So what now? Writing a blog post is more then just writing it. Oh my goodness, that is an understatement to say the least.

It is way more. It then has to be proof read. You need to create images that pertain to your post. If you plan on marketing your post, you need marketing materials such as pins that you have created for Pinterest.

You need a way for people to subcribe to your blog if they liked the post and want to see more from you. There are so many aspects to creating one post.

I honestly had no idea how much went into creating a blog post.

I hadn’t done any of this so I spent the rest of the evening researching ways to get readers, where to share my posts, what email provider to use and how to use it on my blog, and the list goes on. Once again, another day gone and I had barely accomplished anything. Yes it is only day 2 but I felt as if my dreams were slowly dying. I know, a bit dramatic, but I am a dramatic kind of gal.

Day 3: I was off at my other job so I decided that I would work on my blog all day. The kids were in school so I had the house to myself. I could get a lot done, right? Wrong. Man, was I wrong. Have you ever heard of worm hole? Have you ever visited one? Well, I did and it’s true what they say about them, 10 years of your life gone, in an instance. There I go again with the dramatics. Sorry guys, I can’t help it. But for real, an entire day wasted in a worm hole on the internet.

The internet is a worm hole for blogging advice and it is really easy to fall into that hole. I needed more advice on what my post should look like and how to display it professionally.

It needed to be easily readable and look elegant. I wanted my readers to have fun reading it so I had to do some more research. I spent hours of wasted time doing more research.

Now, it wasn’t completely wasted because I did learn some very valuable information, I can’t write a best selling novel or anything but I did learn some things. But, I was still disappointed in myself. I didn’t have anything that I could actually show to anyone. I couldn’t call a friend and say, “hey, go check out my amazingly beautiful, well displayed, blog post that I worked hard on all day!”  So yeah, I was bummed.

Day 4: I did actually get a couple of graphics downloaded and added to my blog post. Yay! They weren’t exactly what I wanted but I forced myself to DO something. Sometimes forcing ourselves to do something, anything, is a great way to just get your feet moving on something. It’s like doing the dishes for me. I dread it. I think about it for an hour, and drink another cup of coffee and then find something, anything, else to do. But, once I actually pick up that first dish and wash it, I realize it’s not so bad, and that I can do this. Forcing yourself through that first whatever (whether it be a dirty cereal bowl, or creating a graphic) can be a little push of motivation that you need.

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 Having a game plan for your blog is an Essential for Sucess!

Okay, so the following days are pretty similar to the previous ones. There are only so many hours in a day and as a new blogger, it is so easy to get pulled into that worm hole. Eventually, you will get overwhelmed and decide that it is to much work and not work on it enough or not at all. I don’t want you to give up! I want to see and read what your beautiful mind has to offer! So, I forced myself to do something else that day and it has literally changed the way I blog.

What exactly did I force myself to do, and how has it helped me?

I created My Lifeline, a schedule. Without it, I wouldn’t be here today writing this post.

What I needed was a strict schedule that worked around my full time job, my kids, my house work and chores that I had essentially been neglecting because I was in the blog research mode for 2 weeks straight. Something needed to change and change soon before I gave up on my dream of having my own blog. You simply can’t expect to accomplish everything with a full time job, three kids, and a house to upkeep, overnight, and I needed to wake up and smell the coffee, and just so you know, I love coffee, so this was a good thing.

The number one thing I needed to consider was a set of actionable goals. I started with making a list of my goals for the week. I had a difficult time with this at first. I added 20 blog goals at a time (This was thanks to the overachiever sitting on my shoulder). To much. Stop. Pick 5. 5 is a great number of goals to have. When you have to many goals, you spend to much time focusing on a bunch of things and end up with a rushed result.

You don’t want to be rushed. If you aren’t completely happy with the result of something, toss it. Don’t sell yourself short just so you can check an item off the list. By keeping it small, you can really focus on the main tasks and devote the proper amount of time to each goal. When you focus and complete each task fully and accurately, you avoid having to go back later to “fix it” later because you aren’t happy with it.

If 5 is to many, and it doesn’t work out, shorten the list. If your schedule allows you more time to add an additional goal, then add it, but don’t over do it.

Actionable goals are the elements that will keep you motivated and on task. These are the actual things you can brag about to your friends!

So, my first step: Creating a blogging schedule! I did spend a lot of time actually mapping out a game plan and creating my blogging goals worksheets, but man, was it worth it.

I have accomplished so much more in a much shorter amount of time since creating my schedule. I stick to it, and I have more time for other things such as finally washing my dishes. My least favorite chore. I think I might have mentioned that already.

What has changed for me since using my Blogging schedule, that includes a Post Planner, and a social media tracker for each blog post? (It also includes a blog post checklist- everything you need to accomplish for each blog post and a map and outline of you Ultimate Goal) 

First, I accomplish so, so, so, much more. I think three “so’s” is good. I think it accurately portrays A LOT! I get my posts published, on time and accurately. I create the best graphics I have ever created, and I get to do my dishes. Yay.

Blog schedule. why you need a blogging schedule. New Bloggers, blogging, social media planner

Since using my blogging schedule, I have quadrupled my SUBSCRIBERS! This is the best part for me, because what is the point of having a blog that no one reads? How does a blog schedule and post planner increase subscribers, you may be asking. Well, after creating the schedule, sticking to it, and implementing everything just as I want it, it really shows. Being organized and posting regularly has created consistency. Consistency is the key to gaining loyal readers. I actually have a post scheduled for next week about gaining loyal followers (Thanks to my blog post planner).

I want to get seriously real with you here for a moment. Guys, I was honestly ready to abort. I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted, when I wanted to, and it was overwhelming. The easiest thing for me to do at that time, was just give up. I told myself, “try this whole schedule thing, see if it works, and then make that decision.” Well, I am still here and I am still going strong and don’t plan on disrupting that. My real life, as honest as it gets, advice for you, is to create a blog post planner and schedule and stick to it. But you don’t actually have to create one because…..

Guess what guys? Did you guess it? I am going to share my schedule with you. I made it printable, downloadable, and all that good stuff. Use it guys! I urge you, you can not accomplish your goals without one. If you don’t like mine or it doesn’t work for you, create your own. The absolute best advice I can give you though, is to create a list of actionable goals!

If you want my amazingly awesome printable, fillable, and completely customizable blogging schedule, throw me your email and I will send it over. Good luck and keep it up. I know I will see amazing things from you!

Okay, so here is what I want you to do (you don’t have to, but I would absolutely love it if you did)  Leave me a comment below and tell me your struggles with starting your blog, or maybe you aren’t new to blogging and have some advice for others. What keeps you organized and on track? What are your biggest struggles with blogging? Leave a comment down below so that we can connect and hopefully learn from each other. See you in the comments. Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Ultimate Blog Planner! Thank you so very much for reading. Same time next week?

Ultimate Blog Planner and blogging schedule. Printable Blog Planner and schedule to help keep your blog on track and write your best and most organized blog posts ever.

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