A Beginners Guide to Pinterest (A Primer for An Income with Pinterest)

What I will be discussing in this post:

  1. What is Pinterest?
  2. Creating the Perfect Pinterest Profile
  3. Creating Board Covers for each Board in your Pinterest profile
  4. Creating names for your Boards and Why you should stick to Key Words
  5. How to Get Your Account Primed and ready for Affiliate Links
  6. Why you should be active, and PIN consistently

Pinterest is a great place to get started with affiliate marketing. After all, it’s where I got started with affiliate marketing and made my first sale.

But, what is Pinterest and how do you use it? Well, in this post I will explain the very details that you need to know, including details on how to create the perfect profile for getting started with affiliate marketing, all without a blog. Yes, you read that right!

You DO NOT need a blog to make money on Pinterest. I was shocked when I found out about this system (and it’s completely free) and how easy it could be to get started. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not something you can make a million dollars with overnight, but if you follow my steps, you can make a full time income and actually replace your job and work way less. This was my dream. And dreams can come true. I am living proof of that.

I know you can’t wait to get started so let’s move on to the basics of Pinterest and how to create that banging profile.

Pinterest is a world of Pins that are packed with content from everything from dinner ideas, design, home decor, education, etc. You name it, you will find it on Pinterest. Now, you may be asking, what is a PIN? A pin is basically a visual link. Imagine it like this.

You are surfing the web and found a really interesting article that you want to bookmark and save for later, so you copy the web link and add it to your bookmarks to access it later. A pin is the same concept, only you are saving a visual image, with the link, to your Pinterest.

So Pinterest is essentially your bookmarks, but instead of boring text links, you have a vivid visual image as a reminder. It’s a really neat concept and people are attracted to the visual aspect of things, so it works wonders for advertising. More and more businesses begin advertising with Pinterest daily so get started now before it explodes.

Pinterest is so much more then just a place to store a bookmarked site. It is a world of ideas and a great search tool. I can actually compare it to Google in a sense, as I use Pinterest just as much as I do Google for finding information and great ideas in a more visually appealing way.

Creating a Pinterest account is easy and free. Hurry, go now if you don’t already have an account so that you can start the perfect Pinterest profile to get started with affiliate links.

Are you still with me? Okay, so you have created an account. What now? You will be asked about your interests and what you like. This will help Pinterest decide what its going to show you in your feed. A feed is the pins that are shown to you each time you log in.

When you see a pin that you like, you will be able to pin it to your own account. You will do this by finding and selecting the little red button in the right top corner of the pin that looks like a…..PIN. It literally looks like a thumbtack or a pin, whatever you may call it. Tomato, tomato.

That sounded better out load. After, you select the pin, it will ask you to pin it to an existing board, or create a new one. A board on Pinterest, is basically a folder. Think of it as a binder where you organize your bills, or coupons or whatever it is that you like to organize. Each of these boards needs a label.

I see a lot of crazy “off the wall” board names on Pinterest and that is exactly what you DO NOT want to do. Pinterest uses its own algorithm for locating relevant boards and ideas.

The key to be found in this algorithm is by using simple key words to label your boards. For example, I find a ton of shoes that I want to save, I am going to label my board “SHOES” or “FOOTWEAR”.

The simpler the better in this instance. I have a couple of boards with some crazy names and they don’t perform nearly as well. This is simply because they don’t perform well in key word search because of the title I chose. Pinterest doesn’t know when or to whom to show those pins too, because their system can’t label them. So, keep it simple.

If you are saving decorations for Christmas, choose a name like “holiday decor” or “Christmas Decorations”. These key words are very important to getting noticed by Pinterest and gaining followers. Keep reading, we are getting there! Don’t skip out on the next very important step to creating a beautiful Pinterest Profile!

I was worried when I got started with Pinterest about starting out with very few followers. How can I actually succeed at this if I don’t have any followers? I started with less then 90 followers. I made my first sale at only 91 followers and still only have around 100 followers.

I am making sales daily and my followers are slowly increasing. I am telling you this because I was once worried about getting started with so few followers. Don’t let the amount of followers you have deter you away from giving this a chance. You don’t need 1000 followers to succeed at this business.

Okay, so you have your Pinterest account set up and have started to add pins to your profile. Where do you go from here, you ask? What I want you to do is keep it simple. Try to focus on just a few major topics that interest you. When you are thinking about the topics you want to make boards for and add pins, think further down the road. When you choose a topic I want you to ask yourself these following questions.

  1. Am I passionate about this topic? Is this something that you could talk about every day and search for new pins to add to this topic daily. Don’t choose a topic that you are going to be bored with in a week or a month from now. Find a topic that has a ton of information. You need to be able to find fresh pins to pin daily so make sure that it has an audience (other people are interested in the same topic).
  2. Does this Pin have an audience? Referring back to the last statement above, this is very important. Is there an endless supply of information on this topic? Are people searching for this topic frequently? I have a more detailed post about how to put your topic to the test. You can find that here. By finding a topic that is frequented by a large audience, this sets you up for success.
  3. Are there products about this topic that you could promote? When you get your profile to the point where you can start to add affiliate links, you will need to have a marketable item/items. For example: if one of your board topics is about Home Decor, are there people searching for ideas and products in that category and are there products that you could promote? Home Decor is a popular category and a ton of affiliate networks have millions of products to promote in this genre. This is just an example. You may be passionate about gardening or art and art supplies, or diy. If you have a board dedicated to diy, you could promote the materials needed to create certain projects. The possibilities are endless, it’s just deciding what your passion is. I have a whole list of affiliate networks and how to get started with them here! For ideas on what to promote, head over here to check out my post about top categories on Pinterest!

So, now that you have a list of your passions and interests, I want you to narrow it down to ten. Start with ten boards and really focus on adding great content to them. If you don’t have a list that big, start with what you do have.

You can always add a new board later. It’s not about how many boards you have, it’s about the value of the content on the boards that you do have. Stick with me, we are almost to the last step. Go ahead and follow me on Pinterest and send your email to my beautiful cloud in the sky so you can stay up to date with my time-saving, helpful posts to create a passive income from home, just like me!

I will get you there, you have my word. Keep reading for the next important step, it’s one that you will not want to skip! Soon, you will be on your way to creating an at home affiliate business of your own.

Pinterest board covers

Over the next 10 days, put your focus into your main boards. I want you to pin 20 pins to each board daily! I know that seems like a lot. That’s 200 pins daily. The key to finding great content similar to yours, is by pinning often to your main boards. Eventually Pinterest is going to notice what you are pinning and start showing you who to follow, what boards to follow, and pins that are relevant to your boards.

By following boards that are similar to your own, you are gaining access to even more relevant pins. After a couple of days of pinning, it will get easier to find those popular relevant pins and make meeting your daily pin goal easier.

The next step in creating the perfect Pinterest profile is streamlining the look of your profile. Add a picture to your profile. When I see profiles without a picture, I steer clear. I’m not sure why I do, but I do. I am more inclined to follow someone that has a clean, fresh, photo!

Make sure the photo has a clean background and that you are representing who you are. Fill your profile out completely. Create a short description using those keywords we have talked about. If you like home design or decorating, be sure to include that in your profile description.

This will give others a sense of who you are and what your profile is all about. I tend to always read the description on a profile before I decide if I want to follow that person or not. With all of the scammers, and bots on the web, this let’s me know that you are human, a real live person. It helps form a bit more trust and ease. Therefore making it easier to gain followers down the road.

Are you still with me? I thought I was going to sit down and write a quick post and explain a few details about Pinterest and I sort of got carried away with it. It’s a long one, I know, but if you are still here, and you follow these steps, I promise your Pinterest Profile is going to rock! Let’s get on to the last step in this post. Bare with me for just a few more minutes, I don’t want you to miss this important step!

Having a beautiful Pinterest profile takes some time and a little effort but in the long run, you will be ever so thankful that you took the time to make it beautiful! It will pay off, in a big, big way.

So, the last step that I have for you today is to create beautiful board cover photos. I have a cover photo for each and ever board on my profile and it makes it look more streamlined and professional. You have a couple of choices when it comes to your board covers.

You can choose an existing pin from each of your boards, or you can create your own. If you want to create your own and aren’t sure where to start, I have a post to help you get started here!

Choosing your board covers: In order to create a board cover, you will have to select the editing option located on each board. It is in the upper left corner and it’s a pencil icon. After selecting the editing option, scroll down until you see “change board cover”.

Here you can scroll through and select the image that you want representing that particular board. When I was choosing my board covers, I went with an image that represented the board, had similar colors, themes, or backgrounds, for each board. Doing this makes it look more visually appealing and professional.

Having all of your board covers match in some sort of fashion isn’t something that you have to do, but I highly recommend it. When I finally took the time to create my own board covers, I made them all the same color and just used text with the title of my board.

They are easily created with a photo editing app or software. There are many free versions out there to use. I have a post all about them here if you are interested in creating your own!

Whew! Are you still with me. That was like writing a book. There are a ton more tips about Pinterest, including how to write awesome Board descriptions located throughout my blog. It was simply to much to put into one post! Keep an eye out for more tips and follow along as I grow my Pinterest Affiliate business so that I can teach you how to start your own.

I am so glad you’re here and hope that you will join me again in the future. You are well on your way to a beautiful Pinterest account and your own Affiliate marketing business with Pinterest!

Please Remember to send your email address my way so that I can keep you updated on new tactics and awesome opportunities for income from home. You can do this! And I will be here every step of the way. I have been in your shoes, and I want to see you succeed. Seeing you succeed because of the knowledge I have to share, is my ultimate goal in life.

Please don’t hesitate to send me an email by using the email icon at the top of every page. I am here for you and whatever questions or concerns you may have. I do my absolute best to personally respond to each and every email I get! Please remember, that no question is a “dumb” question. I was afraid to ask so many questions when I was starting this business and blog, for fear of my questions seeming “dumb”.

You can’t know everything when you haven’t yet learned it!


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